Case study

Maria Agadir Group

Agadir, Morocco

Karim Belghiti

Group Administration Director

The educational platform Pronote syncs perfectly with Eduka. Today, these two platforms complement each other well, and all our needs are covered.

The school:

École Maria, located in the heart of Agadir, is recognized for its commitment to educational excellence for over 25 years. Offering comprehensive education from pre-school to high school, the institution aims to develop the intellectual, social, and personal skills of students. With a modern learning environment and programs adapted to contemporary challenges, Maria School prepares its students to succeed in a globalized world, while emphasizing Moroccan cultural values.
Karim Belghiti, the Administrative Director of the school group, personally led the project to integrate Eduka’s software solutions. The group was looking for a comprehensive software platform capable of meeting its administrative and financial challenges, aiming for a more streamlined and modern operation.


Karim Belghiti, the group’s Administrative Director, shared the multi-faceted challenges Ecole Maria faced. Primarily, the school struggled with financial management, as there was a critical need for software that could effectively handle the financial operations without compromising transparency and sustainability. Additionally, the administrative processes required modernization; the school needed to digitize paper-based systems and archive storage to make operations more efficient. Another significant challenge was establishing a reliable information system to facilitate seamless communication across the school’s ecosystem, including parents, teachers, students, and other staff.


Eduka’s software introduced transformative solutions to Ecole Maria:

  • Finance Module: This feature revolutionized how the school handles financial transactions. It allowed for the seamless integration of various school fees into a centralized system, facilitating easier billing and collections for parents. The intuitive interface made financial management straightforward, reducing errors and improving transparency.
  • Admission Module: The adoption of this module during re-enrollment periods was particularly impactful. Parents digitized their administrative documents, contributing to a robust database that simplified access for school staff and management. This module ensured that communication between the school’s finance, admissions, and administrative sectors was cohesive and clear.
  • Communication Module: The ability to quickly send out emails and push notifications streamlined the way information was disseminated within the school’s community. This module enhanced the responsiveness of the communication channels, ensuring timely updates and fostering a more connected school environment.
  • “The Information System that Eduka provides is very efficient, and the development of the platform allows us to continuously optimize the administrative management of the institution.”


    The implementation of Eduka software has yielded highly encouraging outcomes after just one school year. The school now benefits from a robust information system that has significantly streamlined administrative tasks and enhanced overall management efficiency. The synergy between Eduka’s platform and the Pronote educational platform, especially during the accelerated digital shift caused by the COVID pandemic, has further facilitated Ecole Maria’s transition to a more digitally adept environment. This integration has been crucial in addressing previous operational inefficiencies and setting a new standard in educational management.

    “The educational platform Pronote syncs perfectly with Eduka. Today, these two platforms complement each other well, and all our needs are covered.”

    Eduka’s Support

    Transitioning to a new system posed a considerable challenge, particularly because of the scale of Ecole Maria’s operations. Eduka’s support team played a pivotal role in this seamless transition, especially in areas of finance and admissions where the need for precision and reliability was paramount. The ongoing dialogue with Eduka has been a cornerstone of the successful integration, providing continuous support and adapting solutions to meet the specific needs of the Moroccan educational market.

    “The dialogue with stakeholders at Eduka is continuously open, which has allowed us to find solutions tailored to each of our situations and to aspire to new features for the Moroccan market.”


    Ecole Maria’s journey with Eduka is a testament to the transformative power of tailored educational software solutions. The integration of Eduka’s modules has not only streamlined financial and administrative operations but also enhanced the communication framework within the school.

    The communication module used by group Maria:

    Find all the essential communication features in a powerful and easy-to-use toolkit. Create mail merges for targeted emails, send low-cost SMS messages worldwide, and publish news and events visible on Eduka and its mobile app.

    Beyond traditional SMS and emails, the mobile app allows parents to instantly receive your posts, view your articles and photos, and follow current or upcoming events.

    Main Features:

  • Mass emailing with mail merging and specific targeting.
  • Easy SMS sending with mail merging and targeting features.
  • Intuitive template system for standard letters.
  • Transparent tracking of emails with read receipts and clicks.
  • Publication of news and events on Eduka and the mobile app with push notifications.
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