Case study

Lycée Français international de Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

Christophe Monier

Director of Administration and Finance

The transition process was facilitated by a team that was constantly by our side across all areas we developed (admissions, finance, extracurricular activities...).

The Institution :

Christophe Monier serves as the Administrative and Financial Director at the Lycée Français International de Bangkok, leveraging his decade of experience in similar roles in Cameroon and Burkina Faso. The LFIB, a conventioned member of the AEFE network, provides a comprehensive French education to 1035 students from preschool through to the baccalaureate level. This educational institution prides itself on a diverse student body and a curriculum that prepares students for global citizenship while maintaining strong ties to French educational traditions.

Challenges :

In the competitive landscape of international schools in Bangkok, the Lycée Français International faces the challenge of distinguishing itself to a local Thai audience that may not be initially familiar with the French educational system. It is also Faced with a complex real estate issue, the school must implement strategic planning to accommodate a growing number of students. These challenges require innovative solutions to not only maintain but also sustainably develop the school’s presence and facilities.

Eduka Solution:

Eduka software has played a pivotal role in modernizing the school’s approach to administration and parent engagement. Its user-friendly interface and mobile compatibility make it accessible, while specialized modules for extracurricular activities and communications streamline operations and enhance interaction. These features have also enabled the school to centralize its communication channels into one robust platform, making it easier for parents and staff to stay connected and well-informed about school activities and administrative updates.


The adoption of Eduka has correlated with a noticeable increase in student enrollment and an enhanced perception of professionalism within the school community. By facilitating more efficient and responsive online interactions with parents, Eduka has helped reinforce the school’s reputation for excellence and responsiveness. Additionally, improvements in financial operations, such as streamlined billing and real-time payment processing, have strengthened the school’s financial stability and administrative efficiency.

Eduka Support:

The transition to the Eduka platform was significantly smoothed by the proactive support from Eduka’s team, who were integral in implementing the software across various administrative functions, including student registration and financial management. The readily available online assistance and responsive ticketing system further supported the staff, ensuring that any issues were quickly addressed. This comprehensive support system was crucial in enabling a swift and error-free adoption of the new system, reflecting the strong partnership between the Lycée Français International de Bangkok and Eduka.

The Service module used by the Lycée Français de Bangkok for the Extra Curricular Actvities:

The Services module in Eduka is versatile and designed to manage various school services like extracurricular activities, canteen, and daycare from start to finish. It supports online registrations not only for students but also for staff and external individuals, handling everything from enrollment quotas to automatic billing. The module offers detailed controls for registration periods and participant eligibility, along with operational and analytical reporting features. Additionally, it includes functionalities for managing attendance and integrating data directly into payroll or accounting systems.

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