Hundreds of schools all over the world use Eduka. Want to know why? Have a look below and see why they chose us.

Greece flag

Greece: Lycée Franco-Hellénique

At the Lycée Français Franco-Hellénique in Athens, the adoption of Eduka modules for enrollment, canteen services, and transportation has revolutionized efficiency and communication.
Brazil flag

Brazil: Lycée Français de Brasilia

The Lycée Français de Brasilia enhances its administrative efficiency and financial management with Eduka, thereby strengthening its educational services and compliance with tax regulations.
Austria flag

Austria : Lycée Français de Vienne

The French School of Vienna uses Eduka to simplify data management and billing, improving family satisfaction and administrative efficiency.
Morocco flag

Morocco: Maria Agadir Group

Eduka’s software seamlessly integrates with Pronote, enhancing operational efficiency and meeting all administrative needs of Maria School, as it continuously adapts to the Moroccan market.
Thailand flag

Thailand: Lycée Français international de Bangkok

Discover how Eduka helps the Lycée Français de Bangkok shine in a competitive international environment. The management of extracurricular activities particularly helps the school distinguish itself f
Angola flag

Angola: Lycée Alioune Blondin Beye

Discover how the Lycée Français de Luanda optimises its administrative management and greatly expands its communication capabilities with Eduka.
Russia flag

Russia: Lycée Alexandre Dumas

Discover how Eduka's Finance module transformed the Lycée Français de Moscow's billing efficiency and financial tracking, significantly improving administrative processes and parent engagement.
Nigeria flag

Nigeria: Lycée Français Louis Pasteur

Lycée Louis Pasteur in Lagos enhanced billing with Eduka, replacing Excel. Eduka's multi-currency solution streamlined operations. Eduka's Services module automates service management efficiently.
United Arab Emirates flag

UAE: Lycée Français Jean Mermoz

Lycée Français Jean Mermoz in Dubai overcame rapid expansion challenges with Eduka's tailored solutions, streamlining admissions, HR, and administrative tasks, showcasing commitment to innovation.
Morocco flag

Morocco: The OSUI Group

OSUI Maroc transformed management with our Eduka suite modules, clarifying roles, streamlining tasks, and enhancing financial management, setting a new standard in educational excellence.