Case study

Lycée Alioune Blondin Beye

Luanda, Angola

Yves Le Reste

Systems and network administrator

A smooth, seamless transition and a more than satisfying outcome!

The school:

Located in the vibrant capital of Angola, the Lycée Français de Luanda stands as a pillar of French education abroad, affiliated with the AEFE network. This institution faced a period of global turbulence between 2020 and 2021 but has regained a clear momentum, characterized by a rapid increase in its student population. Managing data flows has intensified, becoming a strategic aspect for the school’s present and future.

Yves Le Reste, System and Network Administrator, emphasizes the crucial importance of this task:

“Optimized database management is an ongoing challenge and a strategic topic for the future.”


With the resumption of registrations and rising demographics, the Lycée Français de Luanda had to overcome significant challenges, both logistical and in education administration. Data management has become a major challenge, testing the institution’s ability to efficiently process critical information for admissions, communication, and daily operations. In response, the school sought solutions to simplify these processes while maintaining a high degree of accuracy and integrity.

The Eduka Solution:

In response to the growing needs of the institution, the Eduka platform stood out for its ability to offer smooth and intuitive management. The admissions modules, seamless synchronization with Pronote, and a suite of advanced communication tools have revolutionized the way the Lycée approaches administrative management. Simplifying administrative processes has reduced the workload and increased data reliability.

Yves Le Reste attests to the benefits of automatic synchronization between the Eduka and Pronote databases in terms of time and reliability, highlighting the added value of Eduka’s solutions.


The transition to Eduka marked a significant evolution in student management, whether for registrations, re-registrations, or mid-year changes. The platform has enabled families and staff to update relevant information more autonomously, which has not only improved data reliability but also reduced the administrative burden on staff. The communication module has also become a key part of the administration of the Lycée Français de Luanda.

Yves Le Reste expresses his satisfaction with this module:

“The communication module provides rich and relevant functionalities that simplify our email exchanges among other things.”

Eduka Support:

The technical support from Eduka has played a fundamental role in the successful adoption of the platform, offering a personalized experience through a dedicated contact. This support has enabled effective handling and a smooth transition of administrative processes to digital.

This testimonial illustrates the transition:

“A smooth transition without mishaps and a more than satisfactory outcome!”

The communication module used by the Lycée Français de Luanda:

Find all the essential communication functionalities in a powerful and easy-to-use toolbox: easily create mail merges to send emails to targeted populations, send SMS messages easily and cost-effectively worldwide, and publish your news articles or events visible from Eduka’s homepage or from the mobile app.

In addition to traditional communication means like SMS and emails, you have a modern tool that parents appreciate. With the mobile app, your publications are instantly received by parents who can consult your articles and photos, as well as be informed of ongoing or upcoming events.

Main Features:

• Mass email sending, with or without mail merge fields, to targeted and segmented populations.
• Easy, cost-effective SMS sending, with the same functionality as email sending (mail merge, targeting, etc.).
• An intuitive template system that allows you to easily send standard letters without having to fully write the same messages multiple times.
• Email sending with transparent read receipts and tracking of clicks on each link in your emails.
• Publication of news and events visible on Eduka’s homepage and on the iOS and Android mobile app.
• ‘Push’ notifications on the mobile app when an article is published, or even when an email is sent.

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