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Eduka Suite is an application solution based on web and mobile technologies for the administrative and financial management of schools. From a centralized access point, all the users of your school (parents, administrative staff, teachers, …) benefit from functionalities allowing them to carry out their daily work in an easy way in a pleasant and modern visual framework.

Many modules are available to manage your different services. Click here to browse the list of modules offered in the Eduka suite. When implementing Eduka in your school, select the modules that interest you: build an offer that is perfectly adapted to your needs, both financially and functionally. This way you can avoid purchasing modules that you won’t need or that overlap with software already in place in your school, to achieve a commercial proposal that defies all competition.

A solution for all types of schools

Thanks to a module dedicated to the construction and management of your School Structure, faithfully reproduce your educational offer in our software suite, and make it evolve each year without losing data from previous years. In Eduka, there is no need for complex manipulation or yearly archival: the software offers multi-year management from A to Z. Simply select the year of your choice in the menu to switch from one year to another.

This system makes it possible to adapt Eduka to all types of schools:

  • Public or private schools, individual or grouped
  • Single or multi-site schools (even when the sites are located in different countries)
  • Primary and secondary schools, universities
  • All types of learning: school system, music schools, leisure activities or centres, professional training…

Give your school a modern image

Because each school is unique, Eduka offers you a personalized display that highlights your school and provides a modern and innovative image to parents. Your logo is highlighted, as well as the most beautiful photos of your school that you can choose and update easily from the application menus.

The many features dedicated to communication offered in Eduka provide solutions to highlight your services. In addition to the standard e-mail and SMS sending features, you also benefit from a news feed which is displayed on your home page as well as on the mobile application: it allows you to communicate on current or upcoming events, in the form of an article supplemented with photos, or events that are integrated into a calendar.

All of this is accompanied by push notifications that you can automatically generate for users who have installed the mobile application for each publication!

The central portal for all school users

Put Eduka at the center of your school’s daily life: our feature-rich software suite allows you to open the portal to all types of stakeholders in your school.

For parents of students

  • Register, re-register and cancel online
  • Access the finance portal to consult the status of your accounts, with the possibility of paying online
  • Register your children for extracurricular activities, canteen, daycare, or any other type of service
  • Enter your detailed wishes for enrolment in the school transport service
  • Consult the children’s weekly calendar which includes transportation, services, events…
  • Read the latest school news and view upcoming and past events
  • Download or upload documents, update information
  • And many other features to discover on our modules index

For teachers

  • Updating online information; downloading or uploading documents
  • Feature-rich Teacher Portal that allows you to post news and photos for the classroom, share documents with students, and more
  • Carry out procedures with the school’s administrative services: purchase requests, school trips, support requests, etc.
  • Manage its extra-curricular activities, its daycare service, its canteen or any other type of service
  • Participate in the follow-up process and in the pedagogical records (‘fiche navette’ type)
  • Access one of the many modules to collaborate with administrative services

For companies or third party payers

  • Access the finance portal to consult the status of your accounts, with the possibility of paying online
  • Requests for changes in the coverage of costs covered by associate students
  • Updating online information; downloading or uploading documents
  • Personalized contact with the school’s services

External persons and other contacts

  • Possible eligibility for registration to different types of services or events
  • Updating online information; downloading or uploading documents
  • Requests for appointments and personal contact with the school’s services

Everything is simple in Eduka thanks to a single access point to which everyone logs in, and which then gives access to features that depend on your permission profiles assigned by the school. And if you already have an SSO (Single Sign-On) service, Eduka can be easily integrated into it, to ensure that all the players in your school can benefit from a unique identifier and password to connect to all the services.

A solution that integrates with your digital ecosystem

Eduka occupies a central place in your school’s digital ecosystem: the entry point for all student registrations thanks to its Admission module. Financial transactions such as invoices and payments are created in Eduka and exported to your accounting system. Eduka can interact with all your existing tools and even connect to your single sign-on system. Everyone who interacts with your school is in your Eduka database, including staff, contractors, emergency contacts for students and other categories of external people.

Eduka Suite:
  • Integrates with popular school software
  • Supports centralized login (CAS/SSO)
  • Offers an in-house API for exporting data
  • Includes flexible and advanced reporting tools
  • Allows you to import and synchronize your data easily

Discover for example how Eduka integrates with Index Education’s PRONOTE software. Furthermore, we adapt to each country and offer localized solutions that are perfectly suited to your geographical location. To learn more, start exploring the solutions we offer for your region from this page.

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