Eduka Suite, the “made to measure” platform

Eduka Suite is a fully modular software: you can build a platform perfectly adapted to your digital ecosystem, selecting the most relevant modules and without paying for features you will never need. You can also start with a few modules and expand your suite over time by deploying one of the many add-ons we offer and which are described below.

Main modules

Discover the main modules that form the core of the Eduka software suite. Do not hesitate to request a demonstration based on one of these modules: a dedicated specialist will be at your disposal to answer all your questions. You can also benefit from a free trial platform containing dummy data to explore all the features of our system at will.


Easily manage your school registration, re-enrolment, and student departure processes through a user-friendly parent portal where parents can complete all procedures online. Thanks to the fully customizable forms and the quick uploading of documents, you can dematerialize all your processes and offer a modern and innovative image to parents.

These processes are interconnected not only with your educational services for the validation of enrolments and re-registrations, the shuttle form for the validation of educational choices, but also with your financial service for the payment of enrolment and application fees, with a centralised view adapted to each of the actors.

Main features:
  • Fully computerized registration, re-registration, and de-registration process
  • Customize your forms as well as the steps of the files, the documents to be downloaded and put online
  • Sharing of information with the different departments involved (administration, pedagogy, finance, principals…)
  • Automatic notifications to parents or staff when changes are made to records
  • Automatic generation of documents when sending the file according to your personalized templates


The Finance module offers your school a flexible and complete toolbox for semi-automatic or manual invoicing, combined with numerous functions dedicated to collections and analysis and reminders of unpaid invoices: online payment, direct debit, payment schedules, aged balance, etc…


Thanks to Eduka’s Finance module and its user-friendly interface for parents and administrative staff, you will quickly achieve an optimal collection rate. Do not hesitate to ask us for a specific demonstration of the Eduka finance module, and even to contact a school in the Eduka network in your region to discover the benefits of Eduka through the opinion of our users.

Main features:
  • User-friendly interface for setting up fees and deductions according to the financial regulations
  • Bulk billing on demand for several periods or different school years
  • Notification of changes from other modules for billing adjustment (arrivals, departures, activities…)
  • Multi-payer management, student or payer invoice
  • Online payment (12 platforms already supported)
  • Direct debit (several formats supported including SEPA)
  • The aged scale allows to follow in real time the risk of unpaid bills
  • Schedules are fully managed in Eduka and visible on the Parents’ Portal
  • Reminders allow you to send reminders targeting specific charges or to integrate unpaid due dates
  • Parent or company portal:
    • Summary view of due dates
    • Consult the balance and details of invoices and payments
    • Pay bills, installments, or free amount online
    • Entering bank information to facilitate direct debits and refunds
    • Inform the financial department of a change in fee payer

School structure

Reproduce your educational offer faithfully thanks to the School Structure Management module in Eduka: it adapts to all types of schools and all types of structures, including multi-site schools, school clusters with schools in different countries. The construction of your structure is done in a few clicks through a simple and intuitive interface.

You will thus have at your disposal many functionalities adapted to the management of your school: the preparation and the anticipation of the number of pupils and capacities thanks to the forecasted view of the number of pupils, a simple tool for the distribution of the pupils in the classes which adapts to your quotas, and even certain specificities for the AEFE network (statistical surveys…).

Main features:
  • Visualization of current or previous staffing levels; forecasted staffing levels with management of capacity objectives
  • Flexible design of the school structure to reflect your educational offer
  • Fully annualized system: access any school year with a single click
  • Set up the new school year by duplicating the current year’s settings and adjusting them
  • Advanced management rules for educational options to create a real educational path

Information management

Explore and maintain your student database easily with the many intuitive features of this module. With the personalized student card, you give parents the opportunity to update their information and upload their documents throughout the year: you can even receive notifications when they do so.


With advanced features such as automatic reminders, bulk data editor, and change notifications, your student database stays clean and up-to-date all year long.

Main features:
  • Quick and easy access to the complete list of students, parents, and families
  • Management of other contacts: personalized repository for optimal flexibility (emergency contacts, people authorized to pick up the student at school, etc.)
  • Traceability and history of data changes, whether they are changes by the administration or by the parents
  • Automatic notifications in case of data change or document upload
  • Automatic reminders can be set according to flexible conditions (e.g. automatic reminder when passport expires)
  • Bulk data editor for fast data entry
  • Student, teacher and family forms: fully customizable with an intuitive form editor


Find all the essential communication features in a powerful and easy-to-use toolbox: easily create a mailing to send emails to targeted populations, send SMS easily and cheaply anywhere in the world, publish your news articles or events visible from the Eduka homepage or from the mobile application.


In addition to the traditional means of communication such as SMS and e-mail, you now have a modern tool that is appreciated by parents. Thanks to the mobile application, your publications are received instantly by parents who can consult your articles and photos, as well as learn about current or upcoming events.

Main features:
  • Send mass e-mails simply, with or without a mailing field, to populations that can be targeted very specifically
  • Send SMS easily without worrying about costs, with the same level of functionality as sending email (mailing, targeting…)
  • Intuitive template system that makes it easy to send standard letters without having to write the same messages over and over again
  • Tracked emails with transparent read receipts and tracking of clicks on each link in your emails
  • Publication of news and events visible on the Eduka homepage and on the iOS and Android mobile application
  • Push notifications on the mobile application when an article is published, or even when an e-mail is sent

Personnel Management

Manage your staff base of different types -teachers, administrative staff, service providers- thanks to the user-friendly features of our Personnel Management module: online management of information that can be updated by your staff themselves from their portal, uploading and posting of documents and proofs, monitoring of data changes and alerts in case of modifications, customizable lists…

You will be able to easily interface your payroll and accounting software to synchronize information and maintain a fully up-to-date system.

Main features:
  • Database of all your administrative staff, teachers, service providers
  • Online portal for staff allowing them to update their information and upload their documents easily
  • Get advanced features for data management: customizable forms, change alerts, reminders, data modification history…
  • Uploading and downloading documents and receipts
  • Management of personnel statuses giving the right to different levels of visibility of information

Lists and Searches

Creating a list and sharing it with your colleagues has never been easier. Discover our list creation module that allows you to build customized reports in a few clicks by integrating data from the different Eduka modules. A system of criteria makes it possible to precisely target the population concerned by the list (example: list of pupils in fifth grade). You can then add the columns of your choice and set the output format of the list: Excel, CSV, web…


Thanks to the advanced search functions, you can also identify people based on additional information: find a student based on his badge number; search for all the families living in the same street; list the teachers of the same subject… the possibilities of this module are endless.

Main features:
  • Create a list in a few clicks by selecting criteria and columns
  • Supports standard file formats (Excel, CSV, Web/HTML, PDF)
  • Allows you to create printable flip charts by class, by level, or other types of groupings
  • Perform advanced searches to quickly find people using any search criteria
  • Easily share your lists with your colleagues with the shared list system
  • Categorize your lists into directories for faster access

Document Management

The Document Management module meets all your file creation and sharing needs: generate school certificates or other documents based on mailing templates, then publish them on the parent or staff portal, or send them as email attachments.

You also have an online file-sharing space that allows you to upload files and organize them into directories, then set access permissions by user profiles.

Main features:
  • Mass generation of PDF or Word documents from customizable templates
  • Cloud-based file sharing organized by directories and with adjustable access permissions
  • Importing files from an external source with multiple file naming schemes
  • Centralized management of the templates used in the different modules of the application: invoice templates, schooling certificate or cancellation certificate, and all your personalized templates

Synchronization and Imports

Synchronize your system by importing or exporting data with flexible and powerful tools. The Import system accepts many file formats and allows you to “map” the columns of your file to data in Eduka to initialize or keep them up to date. And thanks to the Lists and Searches module, you can build custom reports that can be extracted in various popular formats. Specific functionalities of synchronization with certain software are also offered (Pronote, TOTEM, SAGE, Factos…).

For schools wishing to benefit from an even higher level of customization or integration, an easy-to-use API is available in Eduka and allows to automate many actions on the data.

Main features:
  • Powerful and easy-to-use import tool for one-time or regular imports
  • Integration with standard single sign-on systems (CAS, LemonLDAP::NG, Pronote Widget SSO, …)
  • Specific synchronization features for some common software (Pronote, TOTEM, Factos, SAGE…)
  • Easy data export thanks to the Lists and Searches module that allows you to build a custom report that can be extracted in the most common formats
  • API to interact with the database in an automated way

Additional modules

Extra-curricular Services and Activities

The Services module is available in several forms to adapt to the needs of your school: Extra-curricular activities, Canteen, Daycare, all the services of your school requiring a registration can be managed there. These registrations can concern not only the students but also the leaders, the staff, or even external persons (to manage for example registrations for an event).

Particularly complete and originally designed for the management of Extracurricular Activities, it manages your process from A to Z with many advanced features such as the management of enrolment quotas, automatic invoicing, payroll, and much more.

Main features:
  • Online registration by parents or any type of user for extracurricular activities, daycare, canteen, etc.
  • Great flexibility in the definition of the planning: registration by period or by session, single or multiple sessions, configurable slots…
  • Stakeholder portal allowing stakeholders to have the list of participants with photos, and to report absences
  • Precise control of the opening periods for registrations, fine rules of eligibility for participants
  • Operational and analytical reports in different formats, easy mass actions
  • Management of passages, for services such as daycare or canteen, with functionalities for badges
  • Attendance and remuneration sheet of the participants, exportable to your payroll or accounting system

School Transport

With the School Transport Management module, plan and manage your bus service as accurately as possible. By defining your routes and stops, you allow parents to register online as well as request changes during the year that can be validated and applied to a future date. Modern features such as the integration of Google Maps for map viewing and stop selection make this module a reference in the field.

The School Transport module interconnects with the other modules to ensure full management and monitoring in Eduka: it adapts to your extracurricular activities to propose alternative schedules for students enrolled in activities; it exports its data for easy billing from the Finance module, supporting in particular a zonal pricing.

Main features:
  • Online registration possible by parents, changes during the year possible, subject to validation, may apply to future dates
  • Interactive map integrated with Google Maps: visualize your lines and stops, define your routes easily
  • Integrates with the various modules for planning and invoicing of transport bookings
  • Supports zone pricing to allow you to accurately reproduce your pricing formulas
  • Numerous reports, lists, or even mugshots for the various stakeholders in the transportation service
  • Detection and anticipation of conflicts with other services, for scenarios such as “student registered for a bus at 3:30 pm but participating in an activity until 5 pm”.


With Eduka’s Infirmary module, go all digital with our tools for recording interventions and visits to the infirmary. Easy to use, user-friendly and customizable, this module adapts perfectly to the needs of your department and your users: set up different types of interventions, make quick single or mass entries, customize the student nurse form to display the information that is most relevant to you, and benefit from quick access to the information needed to contact parents if necessary.

The Infirmary service interconnects with your educational services: for example, the departure of a student to the infirmary can be easily reported by the teacher from his portal (accessible everywhere, including the Eduka mobile application), the nurses are notified instantly on their phone thanks to the Eduka mobile application. The nurses can then make an entry of intervention which is automatically sent to the persons of your choice: teacher, parents, headmaster, CPE…

Main features:
  • Customizable types of interventions to best suit your nursing service
  • Quick and easy entry for one-off interventions such as sick bay visits, or mass interventions such as medical visits
  • Notifications in case of departure to the infirmary and return from the infirmary; sending of summary or intervention form by e-mail to the actors concerned
  • Annual student record can be exported, saved, or transmitted easily
  • Customizable student record to display the information that is relevant to you
  • Health Category” system that allows students to attach labels for quick visual feedback on important health issues (e.g. severe allergies) displayed in different areas of the software

Request Management

The Request Management module is a powerful and flexible tool that allows you to set up information flows (“workflow”) adapted to different services for all the actors of your school. Easily build a basic form that is submitted by your users, and then undergoes customizable administrative processing for validation through various steps. Here are some possible uses of this module: purchase requests, leave requests, school trip requests, IT support requests, event participation surveys, project organization, badge requests, etc…

  • Update requests: create a form and specify a list of recipients; recipients are notified and asked to complete the form
  • Validation requests: create a form that certain users can fill out at any time of the year
  • Dashboard with visual indicators of the progress of tasks and actions to be taken
  • Detailed list of entries with customizable columns, dynamic tables, sorting and filters
  • Data historization and custom extractions to exploit user input
  • Customizable validation task system with dynamic award conditions
  • User portal to consult the follow-up and status of requests at any time


Thanks to Eduka’s Alumni module, keep in touch with your school’s alumni with user-friendly and easy-to-use features. Import your alumni database easily, initialize your alumni directly from Eduka by drawing on the source of expelled students, or allow alumni to register themselves via an online form. The flexible configuration of this module allows you to enter information about the current or past situation of your former students, and to search the catalogue of former students in a simple way, so that everyone can find their way around.

A chat box is available, optionally activated from the module configuration, to allow alumni to exchange messages visible to all. Your former students can also upload photos to share with the rest of the community.

  • Easy constitution of the alumni database thanks to different methods: import, addition from expelled students, independent online registration
  • Customizable profile sheet, with two sides: public side to share some information with everyone, and private side for information only visible to the school administration
  • Optional instant chat feature to allow alumni to communicate live
  • Alumni catalogue that users can browse to find each other
  • Sharing photos with the alumni community


This module, which is integrated as standard into your Eduka platform, allows parents and all users to display all enrolments, events, absences and any other time markers from the various Eduka modules in a consolidated view. It also makes it easy to detect time slot conflicts and to find a solution: for example, when a pupil is registered for school transport at 3.30 pm but is also registered for an activity until 5pm…

This module centralizes information from the various Eduka modules, including the Communication module, which allows you to publish current or upcoming events: these events are visible in the calendar, according to your eligibility criteria (e.g.: an event concerning parents of kindergarten students appears only for kindergarten students), and thus allows you to create an overview tailored to each one.

  • Crossed view of the schedules of each student: extra-curricular activities, canteen, daycare, school transport, absences…
  • Detection of schedule conflicts, in case of overlapping schedules between different service registrations
  • Conflict resolution: reporting bus changes, de-registration from the activity…
  • Integrates student or other types of events entered from the Communication module that can be targeted to specific populations

Customer Relations

In the context of an increasingly competitive private education market, the Customer Relationship Management module, also known as CRM, offers you a range of powerful tools to build and track your lead and prospect base, right up to the point where they become customers. Find on a summary sheet all the commercial actions carried out for a person or an entity with a filterable chronological view. Benefit from a visually pleasing dashboard that provides you with all relevant information at a glance.

With the Customer Relations module, you have a global view of the customer cycle at your school; you can capture information at the source when participating in events or even by integrating forms into your website: the possibilities are endless.

  • Creation of a database of your leads and prospects, as well as all your active or inactive customers
  • Chronology of all sales actions carried out on this population, from the creation of the prospect to his departure from the establishment
  • Recording of spontaneous actions: phone calls, visit of a relative, email…
  • Targeted marketing campaigns: promotional offers, reminders following open days, etc.
  • Creation and publication of open prospecting campaigns, leading to the creation of leads in the database
  • Lead conversion and automatic reconciliation
  • Possibility of retrieving email exchanges relating to prospects or customers from external email boxes (IMAP)


The Website module allows your communication team to create a visually pleasing website for your school, without requiring any technical skills. Highly customizable in its layout and appearance, it offers you to create a website that is faithful to the visual identity of your establishment while maintaining a unique character. Easy to maintain, you can share your articles or content pages with photos and videos to showcase your school.

The site you create can be available to the public or used internally by users connected to Eduka, thus corresponding to different possible uses: showcase site, guide for staff for internal use, publication of news for students … everything is allowed.

  • Easy modification of the website appearance: menus, home page, scrolling images…
  • Adding content through intuitive input features: pages, articles
  • No technical knowledge required to feed the content
  • Site visible to the public or restricted to Eduka users
  • Possibility of a fully multilingual site with no limit on the number of languages
  • Website visit statistics, location, device types…

Teacher & Classroom Portal

Offer your teachers access to the Eduka Teacher Portal to allow them to benefit from features useful for their daily classroom life and for communication with parents. Your teachers benefit from a trombinoscope by class containing columns of information customizable by the school, allowing them direct access to relevant information. A file sharing feature is available as well as a photo sharing space, and even a function to notify a student’s departure to the infirmary. All this is available on computers, tablets and mobile phones thanks to the Eduka Mobile application.

On the parents’ side, the Classroom Portal mirrors the Teachers’ Portal by displaying photos and files posted by teachers. Parents can even thank teachers by giving a green thumb on photo posts.

  • List and trombinoscope of students by class with information columns customizable by the school
  • Easy access to parent contact information (email address, phone), depending on the permissions granted by the school
  • Easy file sharing with the whole class or just targeted students
  • Online photo albums with text to share with parents the important moments of class life
  • Access by computer via the web or on mobile devices and tablets through the Eduka Mobile application
  • Reporting of departures to the infirmary: nurses concerned can receive a notification on their smartphone

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