Frequently asked questions

Here are the questions we are frequently asked by visitors and users of Eduka. If you have any questions that are not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us. You will receive an answer from our sales department within 24 hours.


Q. How much does Eduka Suite cost? Is the pricing appropriate for my facility?

The Eduka software suite is offered with flexible pricing that depends on the size of your institution and the modules you select, allowing you to arrive at a commercial offer tailored to your needs. Different levels of support and guidance are offered so that it is always possible to reach a satisfactory agreement for the school. For more information, please contact our sales department, which will respond quickly.

Q. Can I access a demo environment of Eduka Suite?

Yes, we will be happy to allow you to freely explore Eduka Suite with a dummy database. A quick demonstration will first be offered to familiarize you with the basic concepts and allow you to explore Eduka in the best conditions. To obtain access to a demonstration platform, please contact our sales department, which will respond quickly.

Q. Is it necessary to purchase the complete Eduka suite with all its modules?

The Eduka Suite software is designed in a modular way, so that you can select only the modules that are useful to you. This allows you to build an offer adapted to your school both functionally and financially.

Q. Do you offer data migration support from our old software?

Yes, the data migration service is part of our offer and offers a wide range of possibilities to keep your data history from any software. This service is optional, as Eduka offers a flexible and easy-to-use import and synchronization tool as standard, so you can migrate your data yourself if you wish.

Q. Is Eduka Suite suitable for a particular type of school?

Thanks to its flexible school structure, Eduka Suite can be adapted to all types of schools: private or public; primary, secondary, university; individual or part of a group, dedicated to general education or languages, music, sports… Contact us to find out how Eduka can meet your specific needs.

Q. How much does it cost to send SMS with Eduka?

Sending SMS from any country to any country is possible thanks to the integration of an industry-leading sending provider (Twilio). Pricing is variable depending on various factors, but kept low by pooling shipping volumes across our various customers. Contact us for detailed rates for the regions you are interested in.


Q. What languages are available in Eduka Suite?

Eduka Suite is originally designed in French and English. Other languages were added later: Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Polish; and new languages will follow soon. You also have the possibility of performing or having performed a complete translation in other languages of your choice, thanks to our simplified translation interface integrated into the software, which does not require any technical skills. All the elements of Eduka are translatable and localizable: menu interfaces, icon labels, forms, the parent portal, online help…

Q. What currencies are supported by Eduka Suite?

All currencies are supported in Eduka Suite. The default list contains a large number of currencies, and you can easily add a currency by specifying an ISO-3 code (example: USD, EUR…) and indicating the characteristics of your choice: number of decimals, separators, and so on. The Finance module allows you to synchronize exchange rates in real time with the European Central Bank, within the limit of currencies taken into account by the ECB.

Q. What is the purpose of the Eduka Mobile application?

The Eduka Mobile application allows you to access Eduka from your iOS or Android smartphones and tablets to benefit from a complete use of the platform adapted to your screen size. You can thus receive push notifications arriving on your device live, opening the door to new modern uses offered by the various Eduka modules.

Q. Is it possible to have custom fields on Eduka forms?

Yes, all Eduka forms are fully customizable in their appearance, content, number of fields, layout… The flexible data management system allows you to create dynamic forms with conditional fields or sections. The design of the forms is intuitive and does not require any technical skills: everything is done by drag and drop, in a few clicks. All the data you collect through the forms can then be exported in data extractions.

Q. Does the Finance module include an accounting and payroll system?

The Finance module does not replace your accounting or payroll software, but it can easily interface with it, for example by exporting the accounting entries generated by the transactions you create in Eduka. You can also transfer payroll-related elements from service modules such as Extracurricular Activities, which offer easy management of employee remuneration. Many well-known software packages already benefit from integration with Eduka: AGE, MYOB, Quickbooks, SAGE, ABSS, and many others. For more information, please contact us.


Q. Which browsers are supported by the Eduka web platform?

The Eduka web software suite adapts and works in its entirety with recent browsers that represent more than 99% of the market share: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave, Samsung Internet… You can also access Eduka from the dedicated mobile application: Eduka Mobile, available on iOS and Android devices.

Q. Which phones are supported by the Eduka mobile application?

The Eduka Mobile application is compatible on all devices equipped with iOS 10 or higher, as well as Android 5.0 or higher. It requires access to the camera to scan the authentication QR code that allows you to log into your account easily.

Q. What are the software hosting options for the Eduka web suite?

The Eduka web suite is accessible on the Cloud and can be deployed instantly for your school without any technical requirements. Its hosting is located as close as possible to your school for optimal compliance with data protection regulations. In certain geographical locations where Internet access does not allow for Cloud hosting, our technical team can provide you with a virtual machine to be hosted locally; this does, however, entail a certain number of limitations to functionality. For more information, please contact us.

Q. How do I send e-mails from Eduka: can I use my own SMTP server?

Yes, you can connect your own SMTP server for sending e-mails. We also offer an optional mass e-mailing service that allows you to send unlimited numbers of e-mails, with delivery status feedback directly integrated into Eduka: you can thus find out about incorrect addresses and clean up your contact database.